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Press Release Writing

Press release writing, which is also a written statement to the media has immense weightage in terms of how it influences the online generation. From announcing important news items, to entertainment related happenings and events, press release writing is a powerful way of delivering information to the masses. Promotions, awards, new product launches, books, and certain noteworthy accomplishments by certain individuals are all what makes press release writing interesting, as well as challenging.

Press release writing thrives on what is genuine and has not happened before. Being brief, to the point, succinct, eye catching, and thought provoking are some basic requirements without which press release writing cannot be effective.

Bold headlines and words that convey a strong message are what a press release writer deals with. Another thumb rule for press release writing services is to conquer and target the 5 W's and one H on social media, which includes the 'Who', What', 'When, Where, Why, and How. The perfect press release writing offers a single thought to the readers with the help of a single, yet powerful sentence. Tying a whole news item into one interesting slogan is what press release writing is all about.

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