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Book Editing

As a writer, your literary work means the world to you. A deep and poignant thought can be drafted in a few sentences or in a few words, and can stir the reader�s soul. On the other hand however, a typo, a grammatical error or a sentence that loses its meaning due to a misplaced comma or full stop can take the form of an everlasting scar on your book, all of which can also cost you your fans and readers. All in all, we understand that you would not want the latter to happen, which is why we have skilled proof readers and editors who can provide you with great book editing or novel editing services, and ensure that the final draft is not just good enough, but great!

Whether it�s a work of fiction or fact, book editing is important because it is always beneficial to have a third person read your first draft. Reason?

  1. They have a fresh perspective and can offer greater insights. Besides this, they can also lend words to your draft in case the meaning is not clear in a particular section.
  2. They would spot certain errors that may have been overlooked. Regardless of how many times you read your own draft, there are always certain points that a third, fourth or fifth person can pick out, and which can make your book a lot better in terms of its flow and structure.
  3. Refinement. Getting a professional, skilled and experienced book or novel editing service helps refine the final draft, and give it the final touches and finesse that result in it being a fantastic read.

Our book editing services comprise of competent and efficient proof readers and editors who not only provide you with a second set of eyes for a better draft, but also take the time to understand the content, probe the different layers of thought and step into your writer� shoes and strive to land on the same page as you!

Every edit is done keeping the original draft in mind and nothing is ever finalized unless we have your consent and approval. Moreover, our team always discusses the book�s objective and theme before they start pulling it apart through their systemized proof reading and copy edits. When we go through your draft, our approach is unbiased, which helps in pointing out certain �overlooked flaws or errors�. This is usually a difficult task if you try editing the draft yourself.

Whether you require standard proof reading, a light copy editing process, or a more detailed and development of content, we will provide book editing services as per your requirement. The choice of service is completely yours!

During the editing process, you will work closely with our editors and proof reading experts who will guide you through every step, discuss a change in format or content and provide you with the finished and edited draft in the time line that is requested by you. Authentic tone, point of view, plot structuring, formatting, content development, and readability are all taken care of with our quality driven book editing services at communicationsquare.

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